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Lot No: 20
EST - $4000-6000
SOLD - $5500.00
An important and early Australia Scottish dirk with scabbard by Henry Wilkinson of Pall Mall London (and so marked on the ricasso). The blade of traditional Scottish form finely etched with foliage, owner's monogram (JAC)(see below) and crest and motto (a boar's head under "Nil Tibi", being the crest and motto of the Campbell Clan, the silver mounted stag horn grip set with a natural cairn gorme pommel, the silver mounted leather covered scabbard with two subsidiary pockets containing a knife and a fork (both with stag horn grips and cairn gorme pommels en suite to the dirk grip. With en suite silver buckle and badge, both bearing the boar's head crest of the Campbell Clan. The original owner being Captain John A. Campbell of the Duke of Edinburgh's Highland Rifle Corps, a Sydney volunteer unit. John Campbell was appointed Lieutenant in the unit on 15.12.1868 and this dirk would date from that time, he resigned his appointment on 24.01.1878; he was a prominent magistrate who resided at Randwick (Little Coogee Bay) and provided funds for the purchase of the pipes and drums for the Corps and was one of the group of citizens who raised the unit in 1868. John Campbell resigned his appointment in the Corps on 24.01.1878. A photocopy of a NSW Parliamentary Paper 1877-8: "Captain of No.1 Company, Highlanders. (Resignation of.)" is attached and gives extensive details. A photocopy of a letter from Campbell to Sir Henry Parkes is also attached.