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Lot No: 2006
EST - $12000-18000
SOLD - $20000.00
(THIS ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY PRE AUCTION-THE VENDOR HAS ACCEPTED AND INSTRUCTED US TO ACCEPT THE OFFER) - Important Persian shamshir with scabbard, suspension straps and belt of late 18th century date and of museum quality, 95cm overall with 82cm curved blade. The heavy blade is of superbly patterned watered steel and is curved in the Persian style, The grips scales are of morse (walrus ivory). The scabbard is of very well embossed black leather covered wood, The hilt, scabbard and belt mounts are en suite and of gold decorated watered steel, they consist of a chape, two suspension loops with rings, a cross guard, a pommel, two suspension discs an a three piece buckle which terminates in stylised duck's heads. The suspension straps and belt are of woven brocade which incorporates gold thread. It is rare to find sword, belt and suspension mounts en suite and even rarer to find them all in watered steel.