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   Always a great time at the V&H auction house. Have picked up some really fantastic things from here over the last year and we are always excited to check out the new catalogues they have on their website every month. The staff here are all very friendly and the auctioneers are always a laugh throughout the auction day. If you’re after some good antiquing head down to Vickers & Hoad on Young St in Waterloo.   

Fergus Urquhart, Sydney

   American buyers, have no fear! I had the pleasure of purchasing a VERY large Persian rug from Vickers and Hoad, and even with the shipping cost it was an amazing deal (though you should definitely get multiple quotes for shipping). The staff was attentive and understanding as I arranged for shipping, and the rug arrived safe and so quickly - in just one week! I’m astounded at the quality, cleanliness and softness. I have purchased rugs from other auctions in Germany and the US but this has been my best purchase by far. Thank you Vickers and Hoad!   

Meg Marie and Co., Sydney

   Dear Colin & Colleen June 2016 Just like to place on record how happy the family was with the outcome of the Stevens sale. You all put a lot of hard work in and took the burden from our shoulders. Value is not always indicative of effort but we know a lot of research went into our consignment and we were more than happy with the results so thank you once again. Best wishes to you all for the future   

Philip, Peter and Michele, post

   Dear Colin & Colleen Contents of 11 John Van Dykes Ave Vaucluse Sydney Mrs Betty Bunce The family could not be happier with the on site auction you recently conducted at Vaucluse for Mum. It was a stressful time for her and you Colleen and the team were most respectful and accommodating. You were professional in every aspect of our dealings, honoured all your commitments and achieved better than expected prices on the day. What more could we ask for!   

Suzanne Williams, post

   The staff in Vicker's & Hoad are very helpful. We organize the freight service for them every week. Everyone over there are very nice to our courier. And the clients are receiving the top service. I will recommend Vicker's & Hoad auction house to all my friends.   

Johny Tao, post

   Vickers and Hoad isn't an auction house - it's an addiction.Excellent staff, first rate service - amazing finds, fabulous opportunities.My husband and I have filled our house with unique Vickers and Hoad finds and more than that, we have come to realise just how wonderful and professional the Vickers and Hoad team is - second to none.Vickers and Hoad is without doubt the best Antique Auction House in Sydney - I can't rate it highly enough.   

Jennine Leonarder-Collins, post

   Colin You are exceptional. Congratulations - the owners of The Hermitage must be very relieved. Firstly, they chose an exceptional auction company, Secondly, they achieved incredible results. You worked hard to get me to drive there and it was worth it! I paid 3 times more than I thought I would, however I am thrilled. Please let them know that their family's treasures will be equally treasured by our family. Love your work.   

Jennine and Peter Collins MP , post
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